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Guru Krupa Foundation Scholarship Support

We are happy to inform that after need assessment by our team , ten students were selected for scholarship support .As the election code is declared due to local body elections in Andhra Pradesh , BREDS will handover the Cheques to the students in two formal events organized . BREDS once again thanks Guru Krupa Foundation for all the support .

List of Students

S.No.Student NameF/o. or M/o.Class Studying
1Chelluri Venkata LakshmiCh. VenkatiIntermediate
2Kucharlapati SupradhikaK.S.V. RajuB.Tech
3Gedela AnuradhaOrphanUpper Primary
4Pillala SiriP. SimhachalamPrimary
5Mudunuru RamyaM. Krishna Murty RajuSecondary
6Chinthapalli KavithaOrphanUpper Primary
7Bantubilli KeerthanaB. Satyam NaiduAgl.B.Sc
8Alluri GayatriA. NarayanaMurty RajuBachelors Degree
9Chelluri GowriCh. Appala NaiduSecondary
10Chinthapalli KavithaOrphanSecondary

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