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BREDS is facilitating formation of Community Action Groups in the villages. The objective of Community Action Groups is to create a cadre of community volunteers who are able to articulate and analyse various issues facing the communities. It is proposed that the community themselves identify their problems and suggest solutions for these problems. These are in turn incorporated into village development plan. The Community Action Groups would work to create awareness among the marginalized communities and articulate their rights to access public services in an efficient manner. In this respect one of the key activities of CAG would be bringing participation of community members in activities of local self governance. Ventilating the voice of the vulnerable and secure entitlements that they could ward off hunger and ensure food and nutrition security.

Women are the natural care takers of the mother earth; the bliss of our survival .And when we aim at hunger eradication and ensuring food security we should aim at women empowerment .With this perspective, BREDS had facilitated the formation of women cooperative and a federation covering 34 Gram Panchayats. Strong women leadership was developed with good survival skills and management capacity. These women federations work for ensuring food and livelihood security for identified vulnerable families in those respective villages, with special focus on differently able, HIV affected and single women households. These federations closely work in collaboration with local governance structures so that they could access quality services and strive for the inclusion of socially and economically deprived communities. It enabled the community with awareness and enhanced skills to find sustainable solutions safe-guarding the interests of vulnerable with specific emphasis on food security and development inclusion.

Brining quality in the service delivery mechanism, will impact positively on the lives of vulnerable ensuring access to special social security schemes and safety networks. Facilitating coverage of vulnerable families under various micro insurance is one of rhe priority initiatives careering the needs of vulnerable families .In order to achieve this BREDS has taken up the strategy of information empowerment with the vulnerable communities through Village Knowledge Centres .BREDS also took up positive advocacy with the government to make the services reach the unreached .In line with this objective, BREDS facilitated Movement for People centred Development, a solidarity network of community organizations, activists and academicians. This solidarity platform carrying forward the cause of vulnerable communities in the coastal Andhra Pradesh .It also advocates the green initiatives and voice against the anti-environmental policies to hold accountable and responsive government structures. BREDS trained few women community leaders on domestic violence act and women rights issues and with the collaboration of government departments successfully resolve domestic violence cases in the target area .It is part of priority for the federation to utilize the provisions under domestic violence Act and safe guarding the interests of vulnerable women.

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