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The forest produces and various agriculture products produced by tribal communities lack access to productive market. These products are sold in the local shanties where the tribals are subject to severe exploitation. Difficulty in accessing markets outside their villages is a difficulty facing the tribal communities. In order to facilitate market access to tribal products, BREDS has opened Rural Marts. The Rural Marts is a retail sales centre where the tribal products are sold with the concept of local production and local markets integration. The product category include: NPM rice, amla, tamarind, cheevaka, ragi, red chilli, turmeric powder, pickle, cashew nuts, handi crafts, broom sticks etc. The Rural Marts had received good response from the public where they could get fresh and quality products at reasonable price. This is another major thrust of BREDS in the target areaSkill promotion and employability training for youth and school drop outs is another important initiative of BREDS in the target area. BREDS in partnership with Gramtarang Employability Training Services (NMDC partner), delivering this project which is giving good results .It is in collaboration with EGMM programme of Governmmet of Andhra Pradesh. Last year BREDS has taken up a massive task of training and placement where with the support of GTETs, carried out skill building training of Customer Service Providers and successfully placed around 1200 unemployed women (Business Correspondents for Banks).

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