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Mar 14 2024

KSCF project

Bapuji Rural Enlightenment and Development Society (BREDS) is a voluntary and professional organization working with children, youth, women and community development programmes in Srikakulam.

BREDS in collaboration with Nobel Peace Laureate Kailas Satyarthi Children Foundation in Srikakulam District, we adopted 150 Gram Panchyatis want to provide our services in these Gram Panchayaths to provide services and eradication of Child Marriages in Srikakulam and Child Marriage Free Declaration.

Child marriages are on the rise in Srikakulam every year, lack of awareness among parents over health of girls and social conditions, financial backwardness are preime reasons for these marriages. Marriage before 18 years of age may lead to health problems mainly in females like anemia, death of mother or baby and immaturity may lead to disputes among couple.

Child marriages lead to early pregnancy which causes health problems and threat to lives of both mother and kid at the time of delivery. The teen-aged girls cannot handle family responsibilities at a young age.

Kailash Sathyarthi Children Foundation, BREDS and other individuals want to make Child Marriage Free District in Srikakulam, 2023 implement the programme and provide services to the children and implement the act in our District Child Marriage Free. BREDS want to provide service and implementation of the Act, kindly launch the programme, depute stake holders and guide to achieve the Child Marriage Free District.



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